Choose your discount and pay it forward with the gifts you bring.

Building up and supporting other small businesses and artists is at the core of what Laughing Dog Art Studio does. We believe by helping one another we all rise.This belief has us thinking of better ways to support one another

in these unprecedented times, so we've adopted an alternative model for pricing that allows you to pay what you can. This idea is aligned with our values, and we believe it can build thriving economies of support for all of us. So we're committed. For how long? We don't know, but we plan to for as long as we are able. This has been said and seen in so many ways, but it's worth stating again; we are in this together.

It's simple: shop for anything in our Upcycled Clothing and choose your discount on that item and that's what you pay! And if you see something you want and the discount offered isn't enough, please reach out to us and we'll figure out what we can do together.

Share the love and pay it forward, xx Laughing Dog

To help you get what you need, simply choose your discount:


10%: SAVE10

20%: SAVE20

30%*: SAVE30

40%*: SAVE40

*Some items discounted at 30% or 40% may require customer to pay for shipping so we can recover our costs. We will contact you prior to shipping with any additional cost.